In fact, the larger gender divergence in our study came down to relationship status

In fact, the larger gender divergence in our study came down to relationship status

That’s not to say that Gen Z men and women are on the same page. Half of Gen Z women ( 49 %) said they’re in a relationship, while only 24 % of Gen Z men agreed. Sure, Gen Z women are more likely to identify as lesbian or bisexual and e-sex relationships, but statistically-speaking this doesn’t Mais BГіnus explain the gap between single-identifying men and women. No wonder 85 % of Gen Z women believe that their generation is more commitment-phobic than previous gens.

Zs said their top sources for dating and relationship advice over the last 12 months were TikTok ( 42 %), Instagram ( 36 %), and YouTube ( 30 %) – and Gen Z women were twice as likely as their male counterparts to seek dating advice from podcasts

Technology has become one of the biggest bridges – and barriers – to romance today, but not in the ways you might first think. Take, for example, one of the biggest buzzwords when it comes to Gen Z dating: apps. While Zs acknowledge that dating apps have had a huge impact on how their generation experiences romantic relationships, nearly three-quarters said the media focuses too much on the role dating apps play in their love lives. Half of Zs ( 53 %) called dating apps simply ? “ a necessary evil.” That’s not to say that Zs aren’t embracing tech to enhance their love lives, but digital platforms are more like this generation’s version of Dr. Ruth than their Love Connection. Looking to the future, Zs think tech’s role in their love lives is here to stay, and will even facilitate entirely new areas of romance. Leia Mais

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