She told him her nickname “L” stands for “Love

She told him her nickname “L” stands for “Love

Xav and Vee finally have a convo and he tells her she is a beauty with brains which was sweet but the moment was ruined since Dia was running out with Finn grovelling, apparently he cheated. Xav saying Vee is not like other girls had me rolling my eyes. It’s really cute reading through Vee and Xav’s letters. ” Xav left his phone number in a letter so that they could continue their anonymous pen-paling. Finn’s brother Brody shows up and he’s the one fucking Xav’s mom.

Lacey keeps pressuring Vee to do things and she continues to refuse. I have been put in this situation multiple times and have heard the same things Lacey tells Vee, “Live a little,” “Come on just try a little,” LIKE BRO, no means no. What I hated was we found out Lacey and Xav fucked the day he broke up with Brie. How the hell am I supposed to root for a guy who doesn’t seem that interested in Vee? He does think she’s hot but so far the only development they had was through text. In person, they had some small moments but it wasn’t enough.

He calls and begs her to make this real since he needs to know who she is, sex always motivates Xav bruh

Vee texts Xav and tells him she has a tattoo on her shoulder. They knew they were part of the same friend group since Vee admitted she was at Theo’s party. What was disappointing was Vee made Dia promise not to do hard drugs, but she came up with the idea to try shrooms with Lacey. Vee was done and left the party, she decided she had no other choice but to walk home. Xav saw her and offered her a ride and when she hesitated, he said he’ll drive along with her if she doesn’t get in which was sweet. When Vee has an anxiety attack, he immediately breathes with her and calms her down.

Xav said whenever Vee says “I hate you,” he’s gonna assume she says “I love you

I loved that Dia showed up and apologized to Vee. Dia said Vee’s friendship means the world to her and she realized it the second Vee left and they made up. Both Vee and Xav both have bad days, she tells him her mom ignores her. He tells her he can hear his mom fucking in the other room. Vee said she missed writing the letters and it’s so cute how Xav was down to do it again. Vee found out from a coworker that Xav keeps visiting the library for the poetry book, realizing Xav is Zac. Vee goes to prank night with Dia and is almost caught by the cops but luckily Xav saves her. There’s so much tension and chemistry between them in this scene but you can clearly see Xav is obsessively waiting for L to text him. He says if they get caught, he’s gonna deal with the cops since his mom is a principal and he got away with the stinky bomb prank with detention but it wouldn’t be the same for Vee. It feels like Vee’s crush is one-sided and even though it’s sweet that Xav fell for L emotionally, he doesn’t care for Vee even if he finds her attractive. But in these moments, I shipped them.

” They almost kiss but of course, they are interrupted. It was interesting and dark seeing their confessions to one another. Vee blamed herself for her father’s death and wished her mom died instead. Xav walked in on his mom fucking a bloody minor. Vee lost her virginity to her sister’s boyfriend, that made me cringe I fucking hate Logan. Vee sends news Xav a nude and they go back and forth.

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